WIZnet latest product – WIZnet Ethernet Hat has been official launch

Our company wanted to officially announce WIZnet has created two specific hardware modules that could work with Raspberry PI PICO and micro python programming code.

WIZnet Ethernet Hat

  • Included a W5100S chip and RJ45 header for Ethernet interface
  • Pin to Pin compatible with Raspberry PI PICO


  • Includes W5100S chip, RJ45 header and RP2040 Chip
  • It could use the board directly

Adding simple coding to start your adventure of IOT design

From now on, this blog site will begin to post more information related to Raspberry PI PICO with WIZnet application.

Please stay tune for more interesting applications and technology information about WIZnet.


  1. WIZnet Ethernet Hat – https://www.wiznet.io/product-item/wiznet-ethernet-hat/
  2. W5100S-EVB PICO – https://www.wiznet.io/product-item/w5100s-evb-pico/
  3. WIZnet HK Online shop – https://www.wiznet.hk/en/
WIZnet Ethernet HAT