How to Setup WIZnet library into Raspberry Pi PICO

Before you start to use WIZnet’s Ethernet solution on Raspberry Pi PICO, it required few installation steps before using it.

  1. Connect between WIZnet product with Raspberry Pi PICO
    • If you are using WIZnet’s W5100S-EVB-PICO, please go to step 2
    • If you are using WIZnet Ethernet HAT, please plug in to Raspberry PI PICO (Pin to Pin compatible with Raspberry PI PICO)
  2. Install Circuit Python & Adafruit bundle Library
    • Suggested to download the latest version of Circuit Python for Raspberry Pi PICO (at least a 4.0 version to use WIZnet’s library)
    • Please make sure the Adafruit bundle library is correspond to the Circuit Python version
  3. Required WIZnet libraries for starters
    • adafruit_wiznet5k ( library for WIZnet’s TCP/IP v4 chips)
    • adafruit_bus_device (SPI library to communicate with the chip)
    • (codes for working with adafruit library)
    • The latest version for WIZnet libraries will be located in the bundle page of WIZnet’s github site

After adding these libraries and system, you could add in few codes to create the basic TCP/IP connection for Ethernet communication


  1. WIZnet’s Raspberry PI PICO getting started page –
  2. Circuit python –
  3. Adafruit bundle library –
  4. WIZnet’s Raspberry PI PICO github –
  5. WIZnet’s bundle library –
WIZnet’s Ethernet HAT with Raspberry PI PICO
Connected WIZnet Ethernet HAT with Raspberry PI PICO
Minimum required Libraries for using Ethernet HAT