What is the technology of WIZnet solution?

As there were some people asked us, why did they need to use WIZnet while TCP/IP protocol is an open source protocol?

The reason is our solution is a Hardwired TCP/IP protocol.

This means our solution used “Physical method to create a digital communication protocol”.

What is the advantage of using this method?

  1. Stable – Provide a stable communication platform to communicate
  2. Compatible – It can use with any kind of MCU without worrying too much on the network communication
  3. Simple – Easy signal register management to control our chip without complicated programming
  4. Possible – It can create any kind of IOT application with a limited resources

For low end solution like Raspberrry PI PICO, using WIZnet’s solution could help them to develop a more functional IOT application.


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  2. News About WIZnet Technology- https://embeddist.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/firewall-soc-with-tcpip-offload-engine-for-internet-of-things/