WIZnet’s Performance results in Raspberry Pi Pico

WIZnet’s Hardwired TCP/IP solution separates the network protocol programming from the MCU. This reduces a lot of workload from the MCU section.  

Therefore we wanted to show you the performance on comparing with normal software build TCP/IP code. (For more information, please refer the link below)

Testing method: same platform and delivery package but different Ethernet modules for loopback speed test


Using W5100S with RP2040 @133MHz, SPI 33MHz,

Link Speed/10Mbps average performance was 2.39Mbps after 10 cycles Send/Recv

Using LAN8720 with [email protected], RMII 50MHz,

Link Speed/10Mbps average performance was 0.322Mbps after 10 cycles Send/Recv

This result shows the WIZnet’s hardwired TCP/IP solution is providing a stable communication platform and reducing MCU’s workload for processing software TCP/IP protocol.

For detail information about this test, please refer to the links below.


  1. Performance test method and result – https://maker.wiznet.io/2021/10/08/superior-ehernet-performance-test-for-raspberry-pi-rp2040/
  2. WIZnet Ethernet Hat – https://www.wiznet.io/product-item/wiznet-ethernet-hat/
Loopback Testing method
Network Performance of W5100S and LAN8720