What will happen while WIZnet solution is under DDoS attack?

DDoS attack is most common cyber-attack in the world. The most common method is attacking transport protocol by flooding the system through SYN attack.

For a general software TCP/IP protocol, it is required to process all the procedure while there is a synchronize request (SYN) from the client and wait for a confirmation after feedback this request.

When DDOS occurs, these requests will be huge that slows down or overload your application that could not provide any response from other actual requests.

Hardwired TCP/IP solution is a very unique TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) that just not separating the TCP/IP section to prevent damage to your application.

It could maintain to communicate with system with a maintainable speed. This is related to Hardwired TCP/IP is using physical logic gates to build the TCP protocol.

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